Wood carving

carving1 The CD-Duplicatemachine from Andrew Msiska is close to be finished. The woodbox is now full of african carvings. The eagle stands for Andrews Artist Company, the chamäleons are dedicated to Alex, the dicdics to Ramon and the monkey to me. What about the Gnu? The Gnu is dedicated to all Gnu Friends.

carving2 Iwould like to add, that the computernerds from here, when they come into the office and see this beautifull box, they get little stars in their eyes. One Student likes it so much, that he would like to build one also for his computer.

More detail pictures will follow next week. The low Internet bandwidth at the Polytechnic don’t allow large image uploads.

4 Responses to “Wood carving”

  1. nchenga Says:

    now that’s a *different* casing!

  2. rca Says:

    It looks fantastic! And thanks a lot for the dik-dik, whoever requested that 😉 Hmm, if you could put some EMS on the inside of the wood, you could make perfectly legal ATX cases like that. Every single one unique. Maybe there’s a business opportunity in wooden cases with custom carvings, Malawian export quality? 🙂

    Sieht fantastisch aus! Und vielen Dank fürs Dik-Dik (Dik-Diks sind geil!), wessen Idee das auch immer war 😉 Wenn man die Innenseite von sowas elektromagnetisch abschirmen würde, wäre das ein richtig legales ATX-Gehäuse. Und jedes davon ein Einzelstück. Vielleicht ne Business-Idee? Handgezimmerte ATX-Gehäuse in Malawi-Exportqualität?

  3. Alex Says:

    Nice! Did you also fit ATX board in there?

    Greetings from Ethiopia,

  4. lix Says:

    Hi Alex

    The wooden case on the picture was actually used as CD duplicator case. But we easily could have put an ATX board into it.

    You can see more pictures of the case here: Case modding Gallery

    Kindest regards from Switzerland


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