culture shock

chileka It’s not just the big temperature difference (Blantyre 35°C, Zurich 3°C), but mostly the hudge culture differende that makes us feelt sad after 10 week of stay in Malawi. Back in Zurich it’s the colored and happy faces in the streets, the colors and forms of the surroundings, the green of the rainy season that are missing. The way towards the office in the morning feels like a funeral. It looks like as if remote controlled people are beeing shifted through the public space. The grey and misty winter is written into the peoples faces. After spotting the first colored person in the bus a “shap-shap” escapes out of my mouth. People then look at me irritated. Maybe it’s the genuine italian Pizza that will save me today. After eating nsima (malawian mais food) for 10 weeks I really look forward to that.

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