IT students from the Polytechnic

One of the reasons that since the end of november 2006, 25 new thinclients are running in the library of the polytechnik, are these 6 students.
Wilson Mpindi, Clara Chirwa, Clarence Gama, Prisca Mvalo, Moses Dossi, Adam

Wilson Upindi Clara Chirwa Clarence Gama Prisca Mvalo Moses Dossi Allan

They helped us from octobre to novembre. With a lot of interesse and know how, they installed the software, buildet up the servers, and seted up the thinclient network. We would like to thank them once more for this collaboration. It was a real pleasure for us.

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  1. Clarence Gama Says:

    It was a pleasure working with Alex and Nathalie, got myself quite an experience am now capable of setting up a full LTSP, Thank you so much guys. Happy new year

  2. wilson Says:

    Thanks so much Alex and Nathalie, i got quite some experience, that as i am sending this email, i have got myself i job as a system operator at one of the leadind Banks in Africa(Standard Bank).I hope that not the end. Many Thanks .

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