“Bloody Niggers”

Why did God create man? Was it out of carelessness or ill will? We don’t know. But in all events, man exists, black, white, red, and yellow, Far back in history, Assyrians, Babylonians, and Egyptians lived and fought, but God was aiming all the time at something different and better. He let the Greeks and Romans appear out of the darkness of barbarity to prepare the way for the race that from the start was chosen to rule over mankind, namely the British race – “limited islanders, baptised with mist, narrowed by insularity, swollen with good fortune and wealth”.

Lower races live in Africa, Australia and America and on all the thousands of islands in the South Seas. They perhaps have different names and petty differences between them, but all of them are essentially “niggers”, “bloody niggers”. Nor are Finns or Basques or whatever they are called anything to reckon with, They are just a kind of European nigger, destined to disappear.’

Niggers remain niggers whatever colour they are, but the archetype is found in Africa. Oh, Africa! God must have been in a bad mood when He created that continent. Why otherwise flll it with people who are doomed to be replaced by other races coming from outside? Would it not have been better to make the niggers white, so that all in good time they could become Englishmen, instead of giving us all the trouble of exterminating them?

Niggers have no guns, so no rights. Their land is ours. Their cattle and fields, their wretched household utensils and all they possess is ours — just as their women are ours to have as concubines, to thrash or exchange, ours to infect with syphilis, leave with child, outrage, torment, and make by contact with “the vilest of vile, more vile than beasts”.

Our bishops scream to high heaven when the Armenians are violated by Turks, but say nothing about the much worse crimes committed by their own countrymen. The hypocritical British heart beats for all except those their own empire drowns in blood. The God who has created people like us – must not he have been a fool?

Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham (friend of Joseph Conrad), published 1897 in the “Social-Democrat” (English Newspaper)

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