Friday report on KCN project

1.  I am implementing a Curriculum Management system using Moodle, which involves conducting lots of training to lecturers, in creating resources and uploading information into the CMS at the same time training students on how to use the resources. the CMS is currently running on the intranet, but i have just created  sub-domain for it, and its propagating around dns as i speak, it will be up by tomorrow, i will sent you a link for you to take a look. I have attached some of the photos i took on the training session, one is a workshop for the lecturers and the other is for the students.

2. Student management system – i developed this system and implemented it early last year, the lecturers met and came up with new requirement for the system, so i went back to the drawing board and modified the system, now the new version has just been deployed with a mobile module also and its been tested live during this exam period. here is the link to the system

3. High Definition Video conference equipment using mini-sip (an open source software), we bought video conference equipment, since as i told you before we are a multi-campus college, one in Lilongwe another in blantyre. To minimize cost we used an open source software which was under development by KTH university in Sweden, it has been a long process of testing the equipment and the flexibility of the software in low bandwidth.

am on the second phase, where i have set the clients in both campuses, i have created a tunnel between the two campuses and am doing some several tests on that tunnel. just to take note previous tests where from here to Sweden, now the tests am doing are just within the two campuses, later it will be roll out in full, to be used for the masters programmes here.

4. catering system for the student cafe. i have developed a small system, merged with student management system which uses barcode and generates meal coupons. this was to ease the chaos which was happening to the cafe, with finance not knowing how many students have taken food, and where just bombarded with huge invoices from the out sourced caterer. so the system provides real-time statistics on how many students have actually taken the food. The testing phase is done and the system will be deployed this coming week. i will furnish you with pictures on how the system is working.

5. KCN Digital repository, i am working hand in and with Thomas Bello assistant librarian, the guy you saw me with on skype chat, in creating a digital repository using DSPACE, we are setting up dspace from source

6.  Google technology user group (GTUG), i am also involved (i can say one of the organizers) in GTUG where we utilize google technologies in our institution, the group comprises of IT guys from different organisations and we create events and workshops in teaching some of the technologies that google uses. just some 3 weeks ago we organised a workshop which occured right here at KCN, on writing applications in android, in readiness of a certain competition that Google organised

These are some of the projects are am doing currently and i will give you more details later on

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