Preliminary report (Lx on KCN)

Since the shipment of the LTSP servers and thinclients by IT Point in April 2011, the ICT staff of the Kamuzu College of Nursing in Lilongwe, Malawi, has been preparing the project under my guidance. This included assembling different knowledge and information sources to prepare a technical guide and full documentation for the GNU/Linux based LTSP system.

After the shipment was collected from the local tax authorities in Lilongwe, the order of the screens for the workstations was prepared, which had to be validated by the Universities directorate. Meanwhile the ICT staff have successfully installed the servers and the flat panel console kit in the rack of the ICT department and installed the core system, testing it with one client.

The system is now ready to be fully connected with all clients and to be introduced to the Students, as soon as the monitor order has been delivered and the network installation is setup. The principal will then, presumably by end of August 2011, launch and release the new system to the Students.

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