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LSTP system at Kamuzu College of Nursing

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Hi folks!

Am here to walk you through this exciting development on the project called ‘exterminate all brutes‘, am an IT Director at Kamuzu College of Nursing, with the help of Alex Antener  we  were given the state of the art thin-clients terminals for our student usage

We received two IBM servers, 40GB RAM each, 40 thin-clients terminal and a KVM switch

Here is the link to a photo gallery of the server installation process:

KCN 2011 photo gallery


Photo gallery

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

The “KCN 2011 photo gallery” has now been launched, where KCN will periodically publish new photos to document the current project.

The above photo shows the ICT sysadmin beeing busy with the new Flat Panel Console Kit 😎

Colonel Kurtz

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Look, please don’t get me wrong. But sometimes I feel like disappointed, cause I am not the person who likes to push and force things, but I like to see projects running with a certain automotive flow.

What I am strongly hoping and wishing is to establish and feed an autonomous and independent ICT movement which could compete with western and international standards. But as long as ICT donations do not turn into self deployment, I do not have any interest in feeding neo-colonial development aid and “begging culture”.I am sure you understand my point. It does not come with anger or frustration, but the intention to kick your University towards a paradigm shift which should lead to a thinking and understanding of independence and freedom.

“Anthu Ozindikira amagwirisa ntchito Free Software” (Self thinking humans use Software Libre)
The world is shifting and the political and commercial interest of western countries into Africa are trying to establish neo-imperial dependencies, which are deadly for African cultures.

I don’t like the role of the Imperialist Colonel Kurtz from Joseph Conrad’s story “Heart of darkness”. I want you, Poly and KCN to show that you can do it on your own. And don’t need the doctrine of western economies. This has not yet happened to a satisfiable extent, I think.

Maybe you can show and prove what Poly is doing with the gained knowledge and report how far the ICT dept. is working on research in the field of innovative ICT solutions?

Take care & all the best, Akulu-Akulu Alex