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lab network installation pictures

Friday, October 28th, 2011

these are the pictures i promise i will upload on the computerlan

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The final stages of the Thin-client Project

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

things are sounding, if at all that expression exists. our network guys are busy finalising networking the computerlab, when the network is finalise later today or tomorrow morning the thin-client will be set into the computerlab reaching their final destination waiting for the students to use them, i will upload pictures and a video of the lab later in the day, in my next post.
The plan is we will do two tests on the thin-client from the lab one tomorrow and the other one on Monday 31 october.
IT Point sent us the power adpters for the WYSE thin-clients, which were not a complete set, they did not have power plugs, these delayed us a bit since our procurement officer went at local suppliers insearch of the compatible power plugs for the adapters. we have found a few power plug, but we will proceed in setting the thin-client with the plugs we have