Concept 2011

Project Concept v.3
This Weblog has been set up for the Malawi 2011. More detailed Informations by E-Mail:

One of my former students, who was trained during the project at the Polytechnic, is now working as a system and network administrator at the Kamuzu am College of Nursing. Further he’s participating in different notable ICT projects within Malawi.
As he’s familiar with the advantages of GNU/Linux based systems and especially with thinclient networks, due to his studies at the Polytechnic, there is a good possibility to re-do a similar project at the College of Nursing, which would be built, run and documented by the ICT sysadmin.
Such a project is further interesting, as all conditions would allow a cost-effective success to offer the students access to the information and communication networks of the College of Nursing.
The planned thinclient network would be composed by two servers with up to 15 thinclients for each server and could easily be integrated into the existing network of he University.

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